Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday Randoms.....

That was a weekend to forget... a prairie blizzard has brought the city to it's knees, the Broncos are in a funk and Tom Cochrane got cut off right in the middle of "Big League" Saturday night at the Living Sky Casino.

What else could go wrong? From past experience sometimes it's only the tip of the iceberg and even pondering that question is asking for trouble.

The Dominican looks like a pretty good option about right now......


Speaking of "Big League".... Thanks for the texts Saturday night from the East Coast Dean Chynoweth.

Glad to hear you haven't forgot about us folks in Swift Current. Also glad to hear Keen's Korner continues to be one of your regular surfing stops.

I'd share some of the texts, but they are coming in my tell-all book in a few years. You will have to pay to find out....


Ryan Switzer and I often laugh that it would be fun down the road (like in 20 years) to co-host a Bronco or Swift Current Sports banquet/fundraiser. The stories we could tell from some of our experiences would keep the mood light and the party going...

The people you meet and associate with, the time on the road, some of the players and characters you encounter all make for a pretty interesting time.

It's a good thing we have these blogs to chronicle and archive some of this stuff, otherwise I probably wouldn't remember half of it.


The Broncos are struggling to get a save right now. Goaltending was a focal point in our Saturday night post-game coaches show with Tim Kehler.

"We're not getting bailed out in net right now. I think when we were at our best - winners of six of seven (in December), I think Friesen gave us some outstanding goaltending but when we're coming in 2nd I think we have to look between the pipes as well. They have to be better and I think they would be the first one's to admit it." - Kehler


The Broncos PP has also froze up. It's operating at about 8% the last eight games. Good thing their Penalty Kill remains near the top of the league.


I had to laugh when I heard there was two plastic rats thrown on the ice at the Brandt Center before the Pats/Broncos game Friday night. One said "KEEN" on it, the other said "SWITZER".

Tim Kehler texted me in the intermission "Hey, your name was written on one of the rats!"

I guess the playoff battles between the two teams is still fresh in some fans minds. The fact we've ingrained ourselves in the Regina sport scene is pretty amusing and flattering.

There are fans out there (in Regina) that take this blog stuff as the Spoken Word. This is their bible. Like honestly, who cares about the radio guy right? Wrong.

It proves to me as well we got into Pats fans' kitchens and rattled them up pretty good.


Speaking of those playoff battles, I hear Pats Management is still fuming over an alleged incident two years ago in the's how it went down.

The Broncos won a crucial game five in the Brandt Center to take a 3-2 series lead. Upon the Pats arrival the next night in Swift Current for game six, they arrived to a bag of golf balls taped to their dressing room door.

An incensed Pats GM Brent Parker apparently ripped the bag off the door and wanted to use it to rally the troops to stave off elimination. Whatever the case may be, it didn't work, the Pats were down 3-cobb before the ice was even dry in the 1st period.

Now, this is where I come in. The Pats thought that I was responsible for the bag of balls taped to the door! They were/are under the impression I DID IT!

Although funny, I can't take credit for it, nor would I do something like that in my position with the Broncos and the WHL. I do know who did it, and it's always good for a laugh when I see the fella.

But honestly, assuming the other teams broadcaster would stoke the flames like that is pretty silly.

Another story for the banquet tour...


From the "this isn't going to help things file" I ripped the phone jack clean off it's mount Friday night in Regina in the visitors booth.

The phone line chord is our lifeline to broadcast games from WHL rinks. It got tied up in chair legs and shoes underneath. When I got up in the intermission the line came with me. I stood there in disbelief.

The staff at the Brandt Center tried... but they couldn't breath life back into the situation. I did the rest of the game, 3rd period, OT, Shootout, post-game show wuth the blackberry...


Downtown streets in Swift Current are a mess... if you have a car you might want to let it sit today. Trucks and SUV's have a chance but that's about it.


To our listeners out there Saturday, due to the lack of a generator we were unable to broadcast during the power outage at the Broncos game.

Our listeners were in the dark, literally. When the lights go out, sadly so do we. It's not exactly what you would call an ideal situation.


It's days like today I love my SUV. A couple year back my decision was between a little sporty car or a big 4x4 off-road, big tire SUV. The latter was the choice.

If you need a ride today text me. Serious. I'll do my part to help out....


How small is this city? I was driving Saturday when my lid popped off my Tim Horton's coffee cup. Of course I spilt it everywhere. When I stopped at the next intersection I took a few seconds to clean up the mess. I may have inconvenienced a couple cars behind me for a few seconds.

I get to the rink and some of the Broncos are all over me..."Hey Keen, were you driving Miss Daisy today" or "sweet driving today".

So it just happened to be a couple of the players behind me while I cleaned up the mess....

Have a great week and look for something positive to build on despite the all-consuming blizzard. Hopefully this post can brighten your day a little....


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Jeff said...

I agree with Tim. Based on what I have seen at the games & heard on the broadcasts, the goaltending is nowhere near where it needs to be at this time of year. Every Bronco loss seems to be due to a hot goaltender.

Last Friday Friesen gives up 3 goals, 2 of which were soft. Then Clark gives up 4 within the first 10 minutes of the game against Kooteney. Then on Saturday Friesen gets pulled after the first 2 goals.

Based on this performance the Bronco's won't be getting into the playoffs and they will be lucky to finish above the Pats in the standings. However they are only 3 points out but they really need to get on a roll and win games in regulation. This next week is critical.