Saturday, January 30, 2010


For the 2nd time this week, Broncos F Taylor Vause scored the overtime winner as the Broncos skated to a 4-3 win over the Saskatoon Blades at the CUC.

Vause scored the winner after a great play from Justin Dowling to buy time for a line change and allow Taylor Vause to come off the bench to score the winner. Dowling gained the Blades zone 1-on-3 as the Broncos changed. He then worked the puck along the end wall before getting it to the front of the net where Vause jammed it home. It really was a thing of beauty from Dowling, and an effort that shouldn't go unrecognized.

The Broncos hadn't settled a game in overtime all season up until this week. Now they have back-to-back OT wins.

For the Broncos it was the third time they've played well in Saskatoon but the first time they've been rewarded for it. The Broncos tied it with just over five minutes to play on a Michael Stickland goal.

The Broncos outshot the Blades 43-34 but going 0/7 on the powerplay kept the game close.

Cody Eakin scored his league-leading 36th goal of the season on a shorthanded breakaway in the 2nd. Stepan Novotny added his 22nd as well.

The Broncos played the role of slump breakers for the Blades PP. It was 0/45 entering tonight's game but went 2/3 against the Broncos.

It was a big two points to begin the weekend. The teams meet again in Swift Current Saturday night to conclude the home-and-home set.


Anonymous said...

Only updating after a win? Typical homer radio guy.

Jon Keen said...

Sometimes post-game beers take priority. Good to hear your hanging on my every word though

Anonymous said...

You never post after the Blades come to your barn and put on a display of NHL quality

Anonymous said...

NHL quality? Give your head a shake.

Tyler said...

Hey Jon,

Just curious, where do you go for post-game beers?


What kind of beers do you drink post-game?