Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Swift Current Kidsport to Host World Champ

Swift Current Kidsport is set to welcome defending World Curling Champion Jennifer Jones as guest speaker for the 4th annual Charity Breakfast.

Our local chapter has brought guest speakers over the years including Dave "Tiger" Williams, Marc Habscheid and Danny Barrett.

This year, with our new curling facility we de
cided to go with the curling theme and Jennifer is the perfect choice.

I tracked her down this week for a chat.

JK: Kidsport is a charity focused on helping kids play sports despite family financial barriers. I know you have been involved with it over the year. Tell me why it's important to you.

Jennifer: Obviously sport has had such an impact on my life and I can't even imagine where I would be without it. I think that every kid should have the opportunity to compete and grow up with sport. I Just think it's the healthiest way to live. I've been involved on the Winnipeg level with some events here and try to be involved as much as I can.

JK: You're coming to Swift Current, I know you don't have a history with our city but what's it going to be like coming here to be the guest speaker of our Charity Breakfast?

Jennifer: Oh, I'm very excited. To come out and participate in Kidsport give me a great feeling inside. Hopefully we can meet as many people as we can, have a great breakfast and start the year off right.

JK: Talk about your curling background. When did you start? What's your history?

Jennifer: Believe it or not, my daycare was at our curling club, so I grew up there. It was such a big part of my childhood. Curling has been a foundation for my family. We've spent so much time there and really is where my fondest memories are as a kid. I hope we can get lots of kids playing and spending time at the Swift Current Curling Club.

JK: The 2009 Worlds are a ways away still. You will go in as the defending world champion. Does that bring added pressure? Are you still smiling about the achievement?

Jennifer: (laughs)... oh I think I'm still smiling... my face is getting sore. It's been an incredible ride and there's no added pressure. To experience what we got to experience was a once in a lifetime event. Hopefully we get the change to experience it again.

JK: Jennifer, maybe just a final thought about coming to Swift Current at the end of the month.

Jennifer: I'm so excited and honored you want me to come. I can't wait to show up and meet everybody and see your new curling facility.


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