Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Randoms

- The Broncos salvaged the weekend by beating the Portland Winterhawks 6-2 as the 'Hawks played their final game of a seven game marathon swing. For the Portland coaching staff of Rich Kromm and assistant Bryan Pellerin, it was understood that it would more than likely be their final game behind the Winterhawks bench. Mike Johnston is expected to take over the duties under the new ownership group led by Bill Gallacher.

- Portland has a bright future. Rookies Killian Hutt and Troy Rutkowski both played well and will be really good players in the years to come. Portland won't be the doormat for too much longer... it may turn around by the end of this season.

- Had a good visit with the road weary Andy Kemper of the Winterhawks. The play-by-play broadcaster has had to answer the same questions over and over regarding the sale of the team and all the rumoured changes. Seven games on the road is a long trip, not only for the players but for the entire staff including Kemper.

- I was happy for Geordie Wudrick to get his first two goals of the season last night. Maybe this will lead to some big things for Geordie who is coming a decent sophomore season. Let's hope he continues to roll. Without Cody Eakin in the line-up, the Broncos need some secondary scoring behind the Tassone/Dowling/Dansereau trio.

- Kyle Beach on his way to the Broncos? Easy Bronco fans.... don't get too excited. But, Everett General Manager Doug Soetart was in the house last night. Maybe he was just making a tour of the Eastern Conference or maybe he was in taking a look at some specific players. The Broncos need to add some scoring up front and could use an 18/19 year-old forward. Dean Chynoweth and the Silvertips' Doug Soetart have been active trading partners in the past.

- 18 year-old Broncos defenseman Andrew Hewett could be out of the Broncos line-up for awhile. He crashed into the end boards and suffered an apparent knee injury. More will be known this week but it's likely on the serious side.

- Cody Eakin continues his recovery from a concussion. It's progressing well although he still isn't practicing. In the concussion recovery protocol, "riding the bike" and being symptom free is the first step to getting back on the ice. Eakin is expected to begin the process next week.

- I was impressed with the Edmonton Oil Kings work ethic Friday night in a 5-2 win over the Broncos. Their top six forward played very well and controlled the game. Thomas Vincour was exceptional. A big-bodied forward, he was tenacious, feisty and dangerous. That's a great mix.

- Just watching some NFL today. What's the deal with NFL coaches at halftime? You have coaches, who are probably obligated to do the obligitory sideline interview on their way to the locker room, and they treat it like it's the most inconvenient, annoying part of their day. They are short, beligerent and usually get out of the shot before the reporter can say "thanks coach". Answer the questions. Don't be a jack ass! You're on national TV, raising your personal profile, it's part of the job, do it.

Im just thankful that most of the WHL coaches and GM's "get it". They know it's part of the job and almost all are very accomodating and a treat to talk to.

Let's just say it's gotten heads and tails better in the WHL the past five years.

I'm taking Sunday off... that's it for today,


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