Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wiese Ready To Lead **Update**

*** Just caught Team Trottier's (Red) practice this morning.

- F - Taylor Vause is skating well and looking good. Looks like a veteran despite only seeing a handful of games on a call-up basis last year. Thanks to his dad Dean who is already passing out cookies to those watching. Mmm, double chocolate.

- D- Jesse Dudas means business this year. I've heard he's in great shape and ready to make an impression in his final season. He was on the ice this morning and looking solid. He would be the anchor back there if the Broncos choose to use a 20 year-old spot on him.

- F - Keegan Dansereau amazes me out there. His sweet hands were on display on a couple of occasions. Reportedly in good shape, Dansereau will make a good case for himself to be here as another 20 year-old. I would hate to see the Broncos play against this guy. Could be the marquee shoot-out guy in the Eastern Conference this season along with Jordan Eberle in Regina.

- F - 17 year-old rookie Blaze Bruyer caught my attention this morning. The 6'4 195lb forward looks like he has some good tools. We will see how he progresses in camp and in the scrimmages.


Veteran Broncos forward Dale Wiese spoke yesterday to reporters outside the Broncos dressing room following a workout.

Here's the transcript:

JK: Back in Swift for another year, I'm sure it doesn't take you very long to fall into the routine.

Dale: It's always an exciting time. To see the old faces, and some of the new prospects and to see the coaching staff... I'm glad to be back.

JK: What's it like to get back on the I-plex ice?

Dale: It's always great to be back in this rink, it's definitely my favorite barn in the league for sure. You just remember some of the times you've had here and the exciting playoff run last spring. It's nice to get out with some of these rookies, it's real exciting.

JK: Seems like only yesterday when you scored that double overtime goal against the Pats in game four and the empty-netter you put away to seal the deal against them in game six which sent our fans into a frenzy....

Dale: That was the most exciting time of my hockey career for sure... to score that OT goal to even the series at two and to put the empty netter away... it does feel like yesterday. I rolled into town and I was like "wow" it does just feel like the other day, the summer just flew by. I'm excited to be here, it's going to be a good camp with lots of rookies pushing for spots and I want to be involved.

JK: Where you play this season either here or pro hockey is still up in the air... if you are here and they come to you with the captain's "C" with Zack Smith going into the Senators system, is that a role you would be willing to take on?

Dale: If I came back, I wouldn't put anything less on me. I think I'm ready to take over from Zack Smith. I've learned in the past from guys like Myles Rumsey and Luke Hunter who are absolute role models.

If I have to come back and play here I wouldn't be upset at all. I'm excited to be here, I love the team and the coaching staff, the city.... I'll be really excited to come back and get the opportunity.

JK: What's the contract situation with the Rangers and a contract?

Dale: It's really up in the air right now, I guess it's 50/50. I've talked to my agent a couple times. I just want to go into Rangers camp and make it hard on them. If you play well they will have to make room for you, just like at the WHL level.


I would like to post daily updates from camp but I'm not sure I'll be there on a consistent basis. It still feels like summer for the time being and there's plenty of other things on the go.

I'll try to make some observations throughout the weekend if I catch a scrimmage. I'll for sure be at the inter-sqaud game Sunday afternoon and post following.

Here's today's camp schedule:

7:30-8:30 Practice Team Sakic
8:30-8:45 Goaltenders Team Sakic
9:00-10:00 Practice Team Trottier
10:00-10:15 Goaltenders Team Trottier
10:30-11:30 Practice Team Ruskowski
11:30-11:45 Goaltenders Team Ruskowski
12:00-1:00 Practice Team Tiger
1:00-1:15 Goaltenders Team Tiger

4:00PM Game: 1 Team Sakic vs. Team Trottier
7:00PM Game: 2 Team Ruskowski vs. Team Tiger



Anonymous said...

Any word on a Black and White intersquad game again this year?

Jon Keen said...

They are having a four team tournament. The two final games will be on Sunday at 10am and 2:30pm. Haven't heard of an Intersquad game though. Maybe after the weekend?

Anonymous said...

Black and White game is Monday at 7 p.m.

Jess Rubenstein said...

Great Job Jon, this site is going to become a must read for Ranger fans.

The more we see of Dale the more we are going to like of him