Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This 'n That

- The Broncos after all will have to face one of the most dynamic forwards in the WHL Friday night. The Atlanta Thrashers reassigned 19 year-old Riley Holzapfel back to Moose Jaw Tuesday afternoon. Barring injury, he's expected in the line-up Friday. This is a lot earlier than the folks in MJ thought he would be back. Being a signed player, word was he wouldn't be made available to the Warriors 'till early October. He's back, and he's good.

- I had a great talk with Ryan Molle's dad Bob today. The former Olympic wrestler and Winnipeg Blue Bomber is a smart man and has plenty of insight in the world of sports and what it takes to achieve your goals. His wads of experience can only be a huge benefit to Ryan's development. Bob will be a guest on an upcoming "Homegrown Heroes" 2nd intermission feature. It should be a good one! For more info on Bob check out his website, www.bobmolle.com

- The Broncos voted on their captain and assistant captains today. Head Coach and G.M Dean Chynoweth is expected to announce his letters before Friday's game. Safe to say the team knows by now and there shouldn't be many surprises. The only problem is there may not be enough letters to go around with the amount of 18,19 and 20's on the team.

- Had a good chat with 18 year-old defenseman Eric Doyle today. He is happy to hear Bronco fans are excited about this year's team. The guys hear it or read it and know there is some momentum building. He says it by far beats the alternative - a restless fan base who sometimes can be negative. They hear that too.

- Dean Chynoweth was quick to point out today they haven't accomplished anything yet. Just because people think they could be good doesn't mean anything, the guys still have to take it to the ice. I think it's a point he will be driving home in the next couple days.

- The Prince Albert Raiders obviously weren't set on their goaltending situation. They went out and acquired goaltender Dustin Butler from the Kamloops Blazers for a 6th round bantam draft choice. It likely means David Aime will be waiting in the wings....again.

- Speaking of Kamloops.... is there a better WHL blog than Gregg Drinnan's from the Kamloops Daily News? The WHL veteran reporter has so much information from around the league I find myself checking back three or four times daily. It's good, and worth a read: http://www.gdrinnan.blogspot.com/

- More WHL blogs are emerging as the season approaches. Add to the list Greg Harder's blog with Regina Pats coverage. Steve Ewen's blog based around the Vancouver Giants, Jeff Bromley covering the Kootenay Ice and of course my partner in the booth Ryan Switzer has seemingly checked himself back into the game. You can find his link down the page. I will be adding other links in the coming days. Here's another one: http://www.mikefraser29.blogspot.com/ . Mike works for the Brandon Sun and also scouts for the Broncos. He will also saddle up and provide color commentary on our broadcast when the Broncos make the long trek into Manitoba.

- The Western Hockey League's coverage is unprecedented. With every game available thru webcast, a new blog from a sports reporter turning up on every corner and SHAW TV's continuing coverage there is a boat load of info out there. Info in the past that has been really tough to come by. The fans win and the league wins too.

- It was bittersweet to be part of something big this morning. A power outage which originated in the U.S. Midwest carried into southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and parts of North Dakota. The outage included my power, most of the city and 60% of the entire province. Sask Power is calling it the biggest provincial blackout since the 80's. My cellphone alarm clock set for 4:30am was not only my wake-up call but my source of light as I got ready for the day.

Finally, to rip-off Rob Vanstone of the Leaderpost, here's my rendition of "Nice Guys/Gals Who Deserve a Plug" Jim Macgee, Bob Molle, Dave Hunchak, Janet and John Postma, Geordie Wudrick, Kevin Krystmanson, Big Dave, Corey Adam, Brad Wall, and Chance from the Breakfast Boys.... that's a start.


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