Tuesday, September 25, 2007

CCC Gets Naming Sponsor

- Details will be unveiled at an afternoon news conference set for the Houston Pizza banquet room. The long term deal with a prominent member of the Swift Current business community is said to be worth in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Check back here later today for all the details.

I've been told not to ruin the secret as the Broncos and the new naming sponsor are good friends of the radio station. Those who care to know do so already.

- Speaking of the Civic Center, it would be great to hear some positive news for once. Whenever I talk to anyone who has an inside edge on the renovations it's always bad news. This isn't close, that won't be ready, etc. Here we are 17 days away till the home opener, let's hope those involved can pull it all together. Because as the City has said in previous interviews "they have no back-up plan because they don't need one at this time." I've put the quote in my mp3 archives and it's standing by.

- The Western Hockey League, it's 22 teams and INSINC are working on getting both the home and visitor broadcasts available for all of the WHL webcasts. Since the webcasts have been running, only the home(r) announcers have been available. As is the case in every market, the home town fans want to hear their guy, especially the parents who appreciate the extra mile we all take to talk about our team and what's going on.

Personally I think it's good but it does come with a downside. I think it's good for fans to hear other broadcasts and other WHL radio other than their own home guys. I know Ryan and I love when we have new listeners tuning in from all over the WHL via the webcasts. We try to put on a good show for fans of both teams and do our best to try and talk about the visiting team and what's big in their circles too. We also do our best to make sure we have all the name pronunciations right, something which can be forgotten sometimes around the league.

Broncos and Raiders tomorrow night on the radio from Prince Albert, 7pm pre-game show, 7:30 play-by-play. I'll post a preview tomorrow.


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