Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Labour Day Weekend In Pictures

Here's a few pics from the Labour Day Long weekend in no particular order. Not only was there the big game on Sunday, but it was also my best friend Kevin's 30th birthday party....

The 40 of us rented a bus to and from Mosiac Stadium. It was nuts. That's me in the yellow bus driver vest. He let me "borrow" it.

Sheldon Paulhas, Switzer and the Great Gazoo - also from Swifty. Great Rider Pride guys.

Earlier in th day Switzer and company put their game-faces on complete with Rider tatoos

B'day boy in his Ray Mysterio jr. mask. Pick a day Kevvy...

Our view of the action from Section 27

My new favorite game... Friss-knock

Hangin' with the crew

Riders win, we're all on the wagon.


Anonymous said...

I have heard the game called Beers-bee, which I think sound better and gets the point across just slightly less than drunks-bee.

Martens said...

I also refer to the game as Beers-bee...but that's not why I'm commenting. It's moreso the fact you're holding your cell phone while were totally playing bubble breaker! Eer eer!

Jon Keen said...

what can I say, I'm busted there.