Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Concussions Under the WHL Microscope

As promised earlier...I sat down with Blazers Trainer Colin "Toledo" Robinson regarding the WHL's Seven Point Plan to reduce head blows and concussions.

He's on a committee responsible for tracking concussions this season in order to compile data to better understand what they're dealing with, and then take the necessary steps in prevention.

I asked Colin about the committee that has been put together:

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And it's a thorough collection of data...

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As for what they plan on finding out? He hopes they can answer some questions.

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I asked him about the new equipment the players are using such as soft cap shoulder and elbow pads.

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Toledo explains it as a CHL wide effort:

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He stresses they hope to get answers but concussions can be very hard to put your finger on and eliminate.

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