Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Madaisky Back Skating

Blazer D Austin Madaisky is back skating for the first time since fracturing his C7 vertebrae in his neck in a game vs the Chilliwack Bruins February 4th at ISC.

"It feels great...but I was a little rusty out there today," said Madaisky from his home between the Vancouver suburbs of Surrey and Langley.

The hit from Bruins captain Brandon Manning drew a major and game misconduct. Initially it looked like Madaisky was going to be ok until the next morning when he figured it was more serious than first thought. An x-ray showed a break in his neck and that his season was over. Up until three weeks ago, he had to wear a neck brace 24 hours a day.

"It was a long three months. The worst part was just getting the stares from everyone (laughing)."

Doctors say Madaisky's fracture healed better than expected according to the Blazer d-man.

"They said it healed great, they couldn't have asked for anything better. I saw the x-ray after and the way everything lined up.

Madaisky went through a rigorous power skating session and says he's working out four days a week right now as he prepares for next season.

He admits the injury and the way the Blazers season ended has provided motivation for his return.

"It's time for a winning season. I'm going to put a lot of pressure on myself. I know we are all working hard so things will change for next season."


Emily Bennett said...

Hello Jon Keen,

This is Emily from Washington writing to you again about Cody.

It's been a privilege to see him through the playoffs and Memorial Cup.

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed chatting about him with you and we promise to take real good care of him in Washington.

Best regards,


Jon Keen said...

Thanks Emily. What's your twitter?