Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Blazer Scouts Converge in Calgary

The Kamloops Blazers scouting staff led by Director of Player Personnel Matt Recchi are making their way to Calgary for Thursday's WHL Bantam Draft.

The Blazers will pick 4th overall - their highest pick in franchise history and Recchi says they're very happy to be in that spot.

"We've identified four elite players in this draft. Of those four, whoever is left...that's who we'll take. We think he'll be a tremendous player in the Western Hockey League moving forward."

Recchi says it doesn't matter much as to if the player is a forward or defenseman. They'll have to make the pick count considering they don't have a 2nd round pick. That may change before the draft though.

"We're kicking some tires (looking for a 2nd round pick)," stated Recchi.

"There's teams with multiple 2nd round picks we are trying to talk with. They're open to that. I won't say something will happen, I won't say something won't."

As for the group they hope to draft, Recchi says they have the ideal make-up in mind.

"Something we've keyed on the last couple of drafts has been character. When we look at (previous picks) Needham, Ully, Gaudet, Souto, and McVeigh we think character is a major factor in our decision making. They also have to be able to skate."

Radio NL will bring you the latest info from Calgary Thursday morning. You can also follow along on twitter @JonKeenNLSports.

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