Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rod Phillips Calls Final Oiler Game

With the Oilers at home to the LA Kings tonight, 37-year voice of the Oilers Rod Phillips will call his final game tonight.
The Oilers website has some great stuff on it leading up. Click here for a better look.



Anonymous said...

you wrote this over a week ago and yet still havent got the nuts to write it?

I'll break down the season in the coming days and try to put a finger on some of the areas they struggled in. There's obvious disappointment around the hockey club as the team hold their exit meetings and prepare to disband for the year.

Jon Keen said...

The nuts? Ok "Anonymous". Good one.

I think the General Manager talked about a lot of those areas in our interview.

But, since your asking.

1)didn't get the saves early in the season.
2) undisciplined play combined with a penalty kill that wasn't getting it done.
3) No ability to win the "big game" and carry momentum
4) play against the BC division was horrendous 10-20-1-2
5 )injuries in Jan/Feb

Anonymous said...

Roddy Phillips is a legend!