Friday, February 11, 2011

More Pics From Whitehorse

Blazers sign autographs for young fans after the practice

Ryan Hanes models the Hockey Day in Canada scarf that everyone received upon arrival

Makeshift broadcast location for tomorrow's game.

Blazer fans in Whitehorse. They have a sister who lives in Kamloops and have been to games at ISC. They say there will be a big Blazer cheering squad tomorrow.

Blazer Captain Chase Schaber watches the skate. I'm sure he wishes he could be out there. He'll be on the bench as an Assistant Coach for the game.

Thomas Frazee chats with some of the kids who found their way down to the player benches

Blazer center ice stretch

This rink is going to be crazy tomorrow for the game. They say they've never had 1500 fans in here before. To the left of the net is the CBC studio where Don Cherry and Ron MacLean will host Coaches' Corner during the Leafs/Canadiens game.

myself, WHL Director of Communications Cory Flett, Voice of the Giants/Director of Media Relations Dan Elliott

G Jeff Bosch stands beside the Blazer good luck banner just behind the team bench

Sundown. The view from behind the rink
It's been a great few hours up here so far. Lots of stories to share already. I don't have the time now, as we are off for a team supper. More later.......

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