Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Manning Gets Seven Games

The WHL has handed down a seven game suspension to Chilliwack Bruins D Brandon Manning for his hit on Blazer D Austin Madaisky last Friday night.

Manning has served one game of the seven so far.

The check resulted in a season ending neck injury to Madaisky.


Anonymous said...


I do not understand this at all. Seven games!?! Really!? I'm sorry but when a player loses his season on a play where the opposing player tried his best to run him through the boards is a joke. Manning should have been done for the rest of the season!

The WHL drops the ball again.. are we really surprised!

Jon Keen said...

The suspension is on par with what we've been seeing. I was thinking 5-8 games once the news that Madaisky was lost for the season.

Earlier this year, Jordan DePape's hit on Killian Hutt drew five games.

Although they were much different hits, Hutt has yet to play and may be lost for the season as well.

I know it's little consilation though.

Anonymous said...

Jon any word if there are any dmen in the system that we can have.

Spencer said...

I agree with Jon, I was thinking 5-8 all along. Anything more would've been excessive. If Madaisky had played the next night, it probably would've been 2-3 games. Watching the hit on the replay, it was very dangerous, but I wouldn't call it dirty or malicious. There has to be a balance between intent and result when it comes to discipline. The intent probably warrants 2-3 games, while the result warrants about 10-12 games. 7 is a good middle ground. He deserves a suspension, but not a banishment.

Jon Keen said...

Not sure on the d-men situation. Cross comes in tonight. I don't know if they secured anyone else at this point.

Anonymous said...

Once again this is a knee jerk reaction by the league,based on the player being hurt not the hit. If Austin is solid on his feet there isn't even a penalty. It was shoulder to shoulder with an unfotunate finish. Manning has not had one hit from behind or one charge or board this year and 7 games is way too many.

Anonymous said...

Watched the replay on U-Tube and whichever announcer said it was a blatent blind side hit should stick to announcing curling,as it wasn't even close to being blindside. Watch the (Brendan Shinnimin cheap shot on Josh Nicholls )on U-Tub e and you'll see what a blind side hit is with the puck nowhere near the player.This player only got 12 games.This was shoulder to shoulder with a bad result,as players are taught, and the main thing is Austin is going to be okay.

rednex50 said...

I understand the first Anonymous' reasoning...but a suspension should never be based on the injury or the time out of the game. What Madaisky and Manning where doing (skating hard after a dumped puck), happens 30 times a game. This was not a "blind side hit", check from behind or boarding. The only call should have been "Major Interference"...and Manning sit for 2-3 games. Suspensions are not about time lost or injuries. If thats the case, when Jadon Potter broke his neck...where was the suspension there?

Suspensions are to be levied based on the situation and past history. Manning is a clean player. He plays hard, but is clean.

If suspensions were based on injury, then you'd see teams hold out their 4th line kids claiming extended injuries to get the other player, especially if an important piece, out of the line up for their own betterment even longer.

I feel for Madaisky. I like the kid as a player (and would love to see him in black and gold) but this was a freak accident, nothing intential, unlike was said during the video footage of the hit. It was 2 guys skating hard for a lose puck, and one fell and wasn't able to scrub off any speed into the boards. My thought and prayers do go out to him in hopes of a speedy recovery.