Wednesday, July 21, 2010


We're on the eve of the Broncos Hall of Fame Ceremony set for tomorrow night....

I spoke with one of this year's recipients Todd McLellan last week. He's been away from the organization for 10 years this summer after spending six with the organization. Since then, he's won an AHL Calder Cup with Houston. A Stanley Cup as an Assistant Coach with the Detroit Red Wings, has been nominated for the Jack Adams NHL Coach of the Year award with the San Jose Sharks.

Here's some of his transcribed thoughts:

On getting the news the Broncos wanted to induct him this year....

" It was certainly an exciting phone call to receive and one you don't expect. I cherish my time there. To be recognized by the organization and the community is an honour to receive."

On his coaching techniques of getting the respect of his players by showing respect....

"I treated the players the way I wanted or needed to be treated when I was a player. That was just being fair. Players need to know that you care, that you can help them and that you're there for them. With that said, you also have a responsibility to the organization and to the community to provide an entertaining product and to maintain some discipline and organization. Ultimately the players require that as well. They want to be pushed, it's very important in their career development."

On what you remember the most in your time here....

"I think of day one. When I was hired. Getting the opportunity to coach in the WHL at the age of 26. The late Doug Moser gave me an opportunity most 26 year-olds don't get. I was very determined to make good on it, to make sure he was happy with his decision. Also the development of players not just as players but as individuals.

Finally I remember the contact in the community. The people I met in Swift Current that have been there for myself through some good times and some bad times. Those memories will never be forgotten. I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity that I was given."

How much are you involved or do you follow the WHL now?

"I follow it immensely. My father still scouts in Medicine Hat with the Tigers. When we talk, inevitably the talk goes there and to the Swift Current Broncos. I still run into many people and players that have ties to the league."

What are some of the emotions yo may be feeling at (tomorrow's) induction ceremony?

"I think my mind will be racing back to a lot of different memories. I think a lot about the players and the experiences that we went through together. The people that supported me, the board members and fans. Both of our children were born there in Swift Current. There's a real emotional tie to that community and I think it will be that kind of night."


Along with Christian Moulding at Shaw TV, we've produced features on Todd and Jason Krywulak who will go in together tomorrow night.

They will both be posted on youtube and I'll post the links so everyone can check them out. They will also be shown at the ceremony tomorrow night.


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