Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hall of Fame Tributes

Here's the Hall of Fame features which will be shown tonight at the induction ceremony....

Todd McLellan

(thanks to Andy Milne, Brent Twordik, Chad Beagle, Brad McEwen, Kurt Drummond, Scott Henkelman, and Mike Babcock)

Jason Krywulak

(thanks to Scott Townsend, Andy Schneider, Evan Marble, Todd Johnson, Shane Zlyniak, and Trent McCleary)


smackitsakic said...

Well done Jon - I know how much work these are on ya to put together. They are the highlight of the HOF ceremonies.

Jon Keen said...

It's a lot of work yes, but I could have gone even deeper with the interviews. A lot of folks this weekend told me they would have loved a phone call to contribute.