Friday, June 27, 2008

Broncos and Rockets Future Trading Partners?

Just purely my speculation here....

Could the Broncos and Kelowna Rockets play "let's make a deal" as the season nears?

The Rockets are down to just one overage player after the trade that sent defenseman Colin Joe to Saskatoon. The Rockets have positioned themselves for a run this year and have a lot of talent to make some noise. The Rockets would love to compliment that talent by adding some impact 20 year-olds just like they did with Brady Leavold last year.

The Broncos just happen to have an abundance of 20's on the roster which includes Zack Smith, Dale Wiese, Keegan Dansereau, Jesse Dudas, Travis Yonkman and Spencer McAvoy. It's quality and quantity.

Once the pro tree shakes I'm expecting the Broncos to have probably five of the six on this list fall down to the roster this season. Of course, the Broncos can only carry three after the cut-down in early October.

Broncos GM/Head Coach Dean Chynoweth and Rockets GM Bruce Hamilton have a great relationship which has seen them hook up on trades before.

The only thing stalling a deal may be because Hamilton has time on his side. He can wait it out and enter the season with only one 20 year-old if he wants to. The Rockets have great depth and they could afford such luxury. He could wait to the trade deadline in January if he really wanted to although I'm not sure it will take that long.

Just something for Bronco fans to watch as the season nears....


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