Saturday, November 03, 2007

Wheat Kings Plan Parade Route, Order the Jackets...

Well, not yet anyways, as I attempt to turn the tables based on Wheat Kings General Manager Kelly Macrimmon's pre-game interview earlier today. (see post below).

Feel free to whistle the Harlem Globetrotters theme music to yourself as you read this post....

The Wheat Kings dumped the Broncos 5-3 Friday night at Westman Place in the first meeting of the season between division rivals.

The Broncos led 3-2 at one point in the 2nd period thanks to goals from Levi Nelson, and Matt Tassone who struck for a pair. That is where the fun stopped as Brandon capitalized on a few mistakes and outworked the Broncos most of the night for the win.

Brandon's top line can play. The Lowry/Clark/Dittmer line caused problems most of the night and were spelled off by an impressive young line of Calvert/Schenn/Glennie.

It appears at times the Broncos would rather just play "Sportscentre"hockey. That's my term for a team that wants to play all flash and dash but not do the other things like grind it out on the wall and win puck battles. Those workmanlike plays tend to never make the highlights do they?

Brandon played well give them credit, but the Broncos coaching staff was less than enthused on their effort.

And, quickly getting back to the Kelly Macrimmon interview. I don't want anyone to take it the wrong way. It wasn't exactly delivered in a fiery tone. Merely, tongue in cheek if you will. All our interviews over the past few years have had a similar feel. I just thought I would post some of the highlights considering the "blog plug" he threw in.

Broncos and Oil Kings...tonight from the i-plex. Don't look now but the Oil Kings have won three straight after wins over Calgary, Lethbridge and Everett. Pardon another basketball reference, this game by no means will be a "lay-up" for the Broncos.



Regan Bartel said...

Hey Keener, I picked the Wheat Kings to finish first in the division this year. Kelly and I are tight. lol.

Bob Orr / Medicine Hat said...

wow...youre amazing Broncos lost??? unheard of, Thats what ya get when you get in MacCrimmons face, youre lucky he didnt swat you.

Jon Keen said...

Well the difference between you an me "Bob Orr" (or whatever famous hockey player name you're using today) is that I deal with people face to face on a daily basis. Not lob shots through the internet. Try it someday buddy.

Anonymous said...

Keener, don't be so testy with the Medicine Hat people. You know "how they get". You could wake up next to a "Horse head" messy with those whack jobs.

On a differnet note, Am I the only one who hates a CBC telecast with Mark(I'm from Toronto)Lee and Chris Blubbery. I had to mute the game and turn on Rod and Carm. Lets really p-off Walby and go to and vote for the Warrior of the season. Vote for never quit Reggie Hunt. It would be great to see him get a new truck and would drive fatso nuts.

Pat From Regina