Monday, June 18, 2007

Moen Stops By

Anaheim Ducks forward Travis Moen stopped by the Eagle morning show today a few hours before the charity golf tournament he co-hosts with Patrick Marleau and Trent McCleary over at the Elmwood.

He was great and had some good stories from the last week of living like a rock star. We were on stand-by generator power this morning after an overnight windstorm knocked power out to parts of the city including the downtown core. So we chatted in the dark with only the glow of the computer screens aiding us.

Chance asked some good questions and I wish I knew how to upload audio on to blogger. If anyone knows please fill me in...

Chancey asked about the party in the dressing room after the game five which Travis replied...

"It was unbelievable...partying with the cup is a dream come true. Being able to drink out of the cup, hoist it over your head... I think we went through about 50 or 60 bottles of champagne. It was all over the room and then it was just cases of beer being dumped in, and your drinking out of it and it's so hard to drink from, you're pouring it all over was pretty amazing."

Sounds like a blast.


Yes procrastination.... has me in the current situation I'm in. With a thousand things to do before leaving for the NHL Draft Wednesday afternoon, I'm up to my eyeballs with half done projects and a to-do list that is growing not shrinking.

I'm sure this is relatable with most everyone out there.... I just have to think further ahead to avoid these situations. Hopefully I'll get everything done before then. That probably means this is the last blog post until I arrive in Columbus.


Spent the weekend at the Elmwood's Member/Guest tournament. Rain pounded the 66 teams on Sunday after a beautiful Saturday. The key is to find a good partner. Terry Pavely was 68 on his own Saturday before you figure in handicaps meaning I was a cheerleader most of the day as he helped us into the championship flight.

On Sunday, I contributed a little more.... we finished 4th overall but 3rd in the Calcutta after rounds of 62 /63.

Is there a better golfer locally than Reg Wilson? The steady player fired a 65 on his own (before handicaps) in a driving rain and gusty winds to help the Wilson brothers take the tournament.

Great job guys,

More later, time permitting,

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