Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Latest on Chilliwack....

The WHL made it official today, welcoming Victoria to the league with the transfer of the Chilliwack Bruins to the Island.

WHL Commisioner Ron Robison spoke with NL Sports today.

On what went wrong in Chilliwack and the potential in the future to land another franchise....

"We believe Chilliwack is a viable market under the right circumstances. Many of the conditions that were impacting on that franchise was the deterioration of ownership relations in the market and inability to have a new lease in the facility.

We looked to our clubs to make sure there is stability long term in the market and that just wasn't there at the present time. Under the right circumstances moving forward we would certainly consider (Chilliwack)."

On the impact of the Chilliwack fan base....

"It's obviously a difficult process as far as going through a relocation of any franchise. We really feel for the fans of Chilliwack. At the same time given the circumstances we felt it was in the best interest to relocate the franchise to begin play in Victoria next season."


As for the Bruins hockey staff, there's no word on their future. Sources tell me Victoria is retaining Bruins Head Coach/GM Marc Habscheid. There's no word on whether he's willing to move or not. It's certainly not what he signed up for two years ago.


The twitter universe has been blowing up on this topic today. Add me @JonKeenNLSports for more Kamloops Blazers and WHL related news.


There's an interesting live radio show tonight on Chilliwack's 89.5 FM. Guests include Daryl Porter and Brian Burke of the Bruins ownership group and WHL Commisioner Ron Robison.

It's set for 5pm PT. You can listen live by
following this link.


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