Monday, April 18, 2011

A few things....

Off the top today, go read the latest blog entry from Blazer F Dylan Willick as he prepare for the NHL draft. He's been blogging for "Coming Down the Pipe" and they have been good reads. Check out the link here, or over on the right side of this page.


Blazer F Colin Smith scored the winner for Canada in a U-18 World Championship game vs Finland on the weekend in Germany. There's more of a write-up here.


I like the signing of G Cole Cheveldave. Im my brief conversation with him last month, he seems to have that certain something to him. He has a bit of swagger, and some confidence. He competes hard and has a chance to come in and compete for the #1 job. I was impressed.

He may be a bit under sized when it comes to the majority of WHL goaltenders at 5'10 and that would be the only thing you could be concerned about.


I'm hearing a few names floating around out there for the Blazers Assistant Coaching job. Safe to say they are looking for someone with a lot of WHL experience who can come in and use their knowledge and have a lot of say with how the team will operate. I would expect whoever they hire to likely have WHL coaching experience as either a former head or assistant coach. I also don't expect an announcement anytime soon though.


A shake-up in the WHL landscape in coming and coming soon. Expect an announcement from the WHL shortly regarding the Chilliwack/Victoria situation.
Also, the WHL Eastern and Western Conference Players of the Year will be announced this week. The winner of the WHL Player of the Year will be announced at the WHL Awards Luncheon in Calgary May 4th.


WHL scouts are headed back to Kamloops at the end of the month. The BC Cup will be the 2nd major bantam event in three weeks after KIBIHT was held earlier. It'll be good to see the top bantam prospects from the province heading into the WHL bantam draft in Calgary May 5th.

The scouts were all in Lethbridge this weekend to take a look at Alberta's top prospects. The Blazers hold the 4th overall pick and we will take a look at some potential names they could be after in the coming days ahead.



Oh-Vee said...

Do you think the pending Phoenix situation will have an effect on the WHL? I am sure that the Canucks would like to move the Moose closer to home.

Jon Keen said...

Yes I think that's a definite scenario that will factor in. Let me know if you make it back here later this summer...