Monday, June 28, 2010

Broncos Set for CHL Import Draft

The Broncos are planning on making two selections in Tuesday's CHL Import Draft. They will pick 31st and 91st overall.

In talking to Head Coach / GM Mark Lamb, the plan is to hold on to Finnish G Joni Ortio who may at some point report next season. The Broncos are able to transfer him over to a list which would not affect their quota of two import players on their roster.

They are also able to hold on to F Stepan Novotny given is over-age status.

"If you get a chance to grab a player who's good it's not going to matter if he's a goaltender, forward or defenseman. You can't pass him up," commented Lamb who is going through his first ever CHL Import Draft.

"We want to get a real good player at #31 that's committed to coming over and playing."

The Prince George Cougars hold the #1 pick overall.


Anonymous said...

So there is a possibility of Novotony playing his 20 year old season as a Bronco and Ortio may be coming in to Swift possibly...but yet we are still able to draft two players at tomorrow's import draft. I'm not sure I totally understand.

Jon Keen said...

Ortio moves to a different list as a player who didn't report. He's still the Broncos CHL property. If at some point he came over, then the Broncos would have to make a move to release one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jon for the clarification!!

Anonymous said...

This not a shot at you Jon...I totally understand the role and interest you have in the Broncos. You do a great job covering them. It is just sad that the baseball Indians can not get a fair shake with media coverage in this city. They are having another great season with pretty good attendance and all the media can talk about is an import draft that never seems to amount to anything. For once I would love to see the media lead with a baseball story and not more summer Bronco rumblings. A very exciting game last night I might add...I just wish Regina played here again tonight...might have seen some more fireworks!

Jon Keen said...

I appreciate the interest. Fact is, in the summer I lead Indians as much as possible on our three radio stations. Like this morning, we had some great audio from Joe and Petey talking about the game.

This blog however, I've just tried to limit it to pretty much Bronco news and info.

Our does a pretty good job with Indians info I think. Today's story was pretty lengthy and in-depth.

I've noticed the Booster and prairie post up their game recently as well with Indians coverage.

Attendance overall hasn't been very good down there. Partly because of the weather I think.

I'll go to bat for Joe Carnahan. He's a great guy. I'll support him and the Indians in any way.

Problem is, no one knows who these guys are. Like last night, I have no clue. They're here for two months and gone. Some never to be seen again. So, that can be a tough sell.

We used to broadcast games here on the Eagle 94.1 FM but it was becoming increasingly difficult to sell commercials and ads. We may re-visit it in the future though.