Sunday, May 10, 2009

Congratulations Rockets

Full credit to the Rockets for a well deserved Ed Chynoweth Cup and a trip to the Memorial Cup.  Congratulations to the Swift Current connections to the championship which include Director of Player Personnel Lorne Frey, Assistant Coach Ryan Cuthbert, Rockets broadcaster Regan Bartel and former Bronco puckstopper Mark Guggenberger.

Happy Mother's Day!

- After a beautiful morning it looks like I'm off to get rained on at the golf course.  Don't you just hate it when one guy holds up the foursome for a late afternoon tee time and he ends up pulling the pin on the round anyways...

Oh well....



Jess Rubenstein said...

Some fella named Keen said this

To the contrary, I think they win because of him. The Rockets have a mighty edge in goal. Turns out that Keen fella was right maybe he should go coach Regina

Jon Keen said...

Thanks Jess, haha and thanks for paying attention! Guggenberger played well but Jones did his job too, especially in game six.

Hope you have a great off season... we will chat in the fall.