Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Gameday Randoms

- Snow and chilly in Medicine Hat today. Much different than yesterday's sunny sky and mild temps. Playoff weather in Medicine Hat has yet take up full time residence.

- D Joel Rogers ate an errant high stick last night. He will spend some time in the dentist chair this afternoon. He will be good to go tonight.

- Speaking of teeth, assistant coach Tim Kehler had a run in with a high stick during a practice session 3 on 3 on the weekend. Three teeth were chipped...but he's been tight (fat) lipped about it.

- There are certain fans below the broadcast booth in Medicine Hat who are there game in and game out...over the years we have developed somewhat of a relationship. As good as one you could have from being 50 feet in the air above them I guess. There's the one guy who brings his duffelbag complete with a goalie mask, orange vest, a championship WWE style belt and his ball glove. He looked up and gave a wave prior to game three as to say "I'm still here... you ready for this?".

There's "thumbs up guy" too. After every game he stands below our booth and waits for the signal. We give him a thumbs up and he quickly shoots one in our direction. Last night though he couldn't muster one. My thumb up was greeted with a disgusted head-shake. First time I've seen that in four playoff series.

- I'm a semi-superstitious guy. After a win on the road in the playoffs, I fall into the routine of trying to do the exact same the very next day. Interviews at the rink in the same order, blog/prep time the same, go for a little run/workout in the hotel fitness room just after the 2pm pre-game meal.

When at the rink today I asked Assistant G.M. Sheldon Ferguson if he does stuff like that or thinks that way. Here's a guy who has been through NHL Stanley Cup playoff battles. His ring from Carolina is proof of that.

"I try not to be like that Jon.... it would drive me nuts," replied Sheldon.

He's right. I wish I didn't think that way, but it keeps you into things and focused on the series.

I've been that was for as long as I can remember. As a young kid cheering for the Oilers and Dallas Stars in the playoffs.

I even remember yelling at my mom in the 1989 Grey Cup game to get out of the living room because she was bad luck after the Ti-Cats scored a touchdown. Harsh, but it worked. She likes to tell that story.

- Playoff orange is visible in parts of the city. Last night on the CHAT TV local news all the anchors were wearing Tiger jerseys on the air. Although I like the idea of getting behind the team, there's something to be said about a serious news anchor telling you a story on crime and murder while donning an orange and black hockey jersey in the process

Can you imagine Lloyd Roberston wearing a Leafs jersey through the entire 11pm CTV news? "And that's the kind of day it been... GO LEAFS... goodnight everyone." Hilarious.

It works for the sports anchor, not the newsies. But I get it.

Workers at the hotel casino are all wearing Tiger t-shirts during their shift. Most of the Tigers office staff has some sort of orange apparel on. A tie, a shirt...something.

MH News reporter Darren Steinke was sporting orange sunglasses and orange watch.

- Taylor Vause is one of the nicest kids anywhere. I'm happy to see him playing well. Three goals in three playoff games. He's a gem.

- Travis Yonkman didn't have to be spectacular last night. His performance was definitely a solid bounce back effort after game two.

- One of the Bronco veterans battled through a bit of the flu last night. You would have never noticed though. He was solid and played a great game.

- Colorman Tim Tisdale and I are camped out in our hotel room. Tizzy was given a shopping list from his wife today. He informs me he was partially successful. Having a former WHL coach along for everything is a bonus.

- Bronco fans are coming in droves again tonight. There's still plenty of tickets left for those contemplating the trip west.

- We're on the air tonight at 6:30pm with the pre-game show, play-by-play at 7pm from the Arena. We're on the Eagle 94.1 FM, Sasktel Max channel 834 and online at

Pre-game meal time....


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