Sunday, July 01, 2007

Long Weekend

It's been a busy Canada Day long weekend down at the fair. Our three local radio stations are set-up and we're doing most of our on-air shifts/shows from here. I haven't had a chance to update....namely because an 18 hour power outage Friday/Saturday as seemingly messed up my home computer for good.

What a wind storm that came through! Gusts over 100 k/mh knocked over trees, damaged houses and property all over the city. It also knocked down 27 power poles in the southwest cutting power to several rural areas.

I ran into Marc Habscheid in the city Friday at lunch. It'll be interesting to see where he lands - if he wants to move again. I'll have more on that later once things slowdown and I get my cpu figured out.

Oh, and good job Riders! Great way to start the season... 18-0 right Roddy?


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